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As an engine for the digital business, technology management organizations face more scrutiny for fast service delivery and the quality of each service. They work hard to monitor all new infrastructure and application components necessary to maintain the performance and availability. Unfortunately, today’s application performance management approaches are not delivering the desired predictability and efficiency to meet business demands. To support the age of the customer in this digital economy, technology management teams must adopt transaction tracking with predictive analytics which aims to anticipate and avoid problems before they impact user experience.

In this webinar, Forrester Research’s Vice President Eveline Oehrlich will discuss modern and innovative approaches to application monitoring (APM) which development and operations (DevOps) can adopt to their application performance management strategy towards ensuring high quality user experience.

You will learn:

  • What does a modern approach to APM look like
  • What benefits will business teams (and ultimately your customers) gain
  • How do you shift your existing monitoring strategy towards cognitive operations
  • How to leverage transaction tracking and analytics to improve user experience

Featured Speakers:

Eveline Oehrlich - Forrester Research
Eveline Oehrlich
VP, Research Director Serving Infrastructure & Operations Professionals
Forrester Research
Albert Mavashev
Albert Mavashev
Chief Technology Officer
Nastel Technologies, Inc.