Digital transactions are the information exchanges underlying all of today’s enterprise and mobile business services. The overall reliability and performance of those transactions is a critical issue facing IT groups and the business units they support.  Yet, most IT organizations still struggle to manage this all-important aspect of their operations.

Join Dennis Drogseth, VP of research at leading IT analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) and Scott Corrigan, VP of technology services at Nastel, to get key insights to safeguard and improve your organization’s digital transaction performance, drawing from new EMA research on IT analytics and digital transformation.


  • Why digital transactions are center stage in maximizing IT efficiencies and optimizing business outcomes, including business performance, consumer priorities, security, and compliance
  • What happens to businesses when their transaction performance stumbles
  • What the technical challenges are in providing a unified set of insights for operations, development, and business stakeholders
  • Key process requirements for optimizing digital transaction performance across an IT environment and ownership requirements between IT and business stakeholders
  • Examples of three failures and three successes from EMA consulting and IT dialogs
  • A short recipe for success in optimizing digital transaction performance, impact, and measurable value


Dennis Drogseth
Vice President
Scott Corrigan
VP of Technology Service