Build Vs. Buy Discussion


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Date Recorded: Wednesday, May 30th 2019

Speaker: David Liff 


Every business must decide whether to buy off-the-shelf solutions or build their own.

This a complex question with deep implications that touch many areas of the business including the executive team, finance, procurement and Human Resources.

In this short webinar we will discuss some of the areas that must be considered and provide you with some strategic ideas to improve your business. This presentation is gleaned from the hundreds of man-years of experience our experts have had in answering this exact question.


Roll your own or buy off the shelf?

Getting this right can save you money, improve your staff retention and drastically improve your ability to serve your customers.

This is not a vendor sales pitch, it’s a thought leadership presentation from business experts to business experts.

We believe it’s a discussion that every company should be prepared to have.

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Understand the ongoing cost in maintenance, is it a viable investment for you?