Many companies reap major rewards putting Big Data analytics to work optimizing their sales, marketing, and HR functions. But they’ve neglected the same opportunity to improve the efficiency of their IT operations.

Doing more with shrinking budgets and fewer resources—while improving the availability of business services—is a constant mantra in today’s IT departments. To address these realities, IT organizations are beginning to harness the power of analytics to slash mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) and predict application problems before they occur. But perhaps the most significant use of advanced analytics is reversing the old perception of IT operations as a pure cost center and revealing the positive bottom line impact made by IT technologists and operations specialists to application owners and business unit heads.

Download this substantive eBook to understand how IT operations analytics and the real-time insights they provide can optimize performance and generate tangible business value. Topics include:

  • IT Operations Analytics Adoption, Applications on the Rise
  • Capture the Business Value of Big Data in Real Time
  • IT Organizations: The Shoemaker’s Analytical Children
  • Turn IT into a Profit Center with Operations Analytics
  • 8 Business Process Analytics Every Manager Should Know
  • Getting IT Operational Intelligence from Logs, Metrics, and Transactions