AutoPilot® Heap Detective® enables Java developers to remotely analyze heaps on any running JVM without generating heap dump files. It can be used to spot memory leaks, diagnose memory problems, and help optimize Java application memory footprints.


Even with Java garbage collection, leaks occur—OS memory usage may be stable while the JVMs fluctuate. AutoPilot® Heap Detective® helps diagnose memory leak root causes by:

  • Gathering all memory usage information
  • Finding all objects in heap capture, including instance count, total, and average size
  • Reporting top objects by retained size


    • Quickly spot memory problems; optimize Java
      application memory footprints across multiple JVMs
    • Production ready; does not constantly run and
      has low overhead when used for detection


  • Gathers detailed memory usage statistics
  • Shows JVM summary: Java properties, heap usage and free memory
  • Drilldown to areas where memory is used by Instance Count, Retained Size and Shallow size
  • Takes and compares multiple heap snapshots
  • Analyzes JVM heap remotely on any running JVM without generating a heap dump
  • Forces garbage collection remotely
  • Drilldown to which objects hold references to top memory consumers

Upgrade to full Java Monitoring! Add detection to diagnostics. For complete monitoring of your Java applications use AutoPilot for J2EE Monitoring.

Go Further with AutoPilot for APM

  • Automatically monitor, analyze and alert on performance issues
  • Detect and diagnose Java, including heap usage correlated together with .NET and middleware performance data
  • Embedded application analytical engine using Complex Event Processing (CEP) automatically detects patterns of behavior—such as oscillation rate—that could be indicative of a leak in one or more JVMs